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your art tho! omfg, you are going to be famous as fux! i promise. this art tho, please can i commission you to do more of this style for me personally, please. i am in love with the look of this. your art is..... i cant even... there is not a words that can express the got to have so much more of this in my life. this has to be made and put into a series and put in such a place where i can see it every day. like my house, or a museum....  oh wait ya did, its art in game form. your art  im addicted. ur art is the thing i fein  4, please may i have more

I'm having a grand time with this one.  Hillarious dialogue and delightfully flexible gameplay mechanics.


Linux user here - just wanted to say that not only did I love this game (great soundtrack, lovely art style and really fun gameplay), it also works perfectly even when using the open-source AMD drivers on a relatively-old card (pretty rare to see a 3D game on Linux that can do that).

Definitely gonna recommend this to people.


Hey there!

Thanks for the great feedback, we are glad you liked it. Our games always have Linux support, and we will try to keep it that way.


Talking about underrated games? This one is definitely one on the list. Never could have thought that this game would be so good. Usually a games that are all about physics are very glitchy. This one isn't :D

Also, the game has a nice art style


Thanks for the great feedback! :)


This game is brilliant. Its a absolute must-have if you like puzzle-platformers.

You speaketh the truth. Thanks so much!